Underrated risk and support on the road.

support on the roadIf the car driver falls asleep at the wheel by only 2 seconds at a speed of 100 km / h, the car at that time uncontrollably travels 56 meters. However, many drivers underestimate their fatigue at the wheel. At the same time it takes to extend the reaction time and limits the concentration as much as alcohol.

A major role is played by the internal clock. Between 2 and 5 am and in the afternoon, about 14.00, the person is in a biological decay. It is not necessary to avoid congestion at the expense of, for example, the night leaving on vacation. But also outside of these hours, drivers may experience fatigue, especially when the trip lasts for a very long time. Be sure to turn the headlights for chrysler 300 to drive safe.

Driver Assistance System can indicate a change in behavior while driving and thus prevent the occurrence of dangerous situations. But the bandwidth descent control system (the system of the longitudinal stability) is endowed with only the support function and can’t prevent an accident in the event of falling asleep. Every driver has to make sure that he is able to control his vehicle at any time.