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Select the engine oil. What to look for?

Select the engine oil. What to look for?

Subject of selection of engine oil is quite relevant. Therefore, it is useful to once again draw attention to some of the nuances in the selection of oil for your car. When one of the motor oil manufacturer has chosen for its product slogan: “The main part of your car” – it was not far from the truth.

How to Choose the Right Motor Oil?

Motor Oil carsEngine oil can rightly be considered one of the trouble-free and reliable operation of all components of your machine for auto spares. And it’s not that oil only lubricates engine spares, reducing friction between the parts, its functions are much wider. It protects the inside of the engine spares against corrosion and wear, fills the gaps between the piston and cylinder wall, acting as a seal, helps to take the excess heat from the moving parts group, cleans all surfaces of the combustion by-products and prevents the formation of deposits, everything is not listed.

Therefore, the question of choice of oil is very important, but a recommendation in this case is only one, refer to the instructions for your car, where the manufacturer has already indicated what type of oil is the best for your engine. The truth in this then – the automaker indicates grade, not a particular kind of oil, so, the problem of choice still will not go away simply, just the range of choices is reducing.